Little Dribblers


Little Dribblers is a weekly Football experience for boys and girls aged from walking to 7 years. During each 10 week term, the 30 minute games are played at the venue of your choice and at the same time each week. In general, our earliest kick off time would be 9:30, usually for the smallest players, then at 30 minute intervals for each grade above. Times may vary at each venue.

Our main objective of the Little Dribblers Football Club is to create a safe and comfortable environment for children to have fun, participate and learn about football. 

Today you will be playing FOOTBALL!

Objectives – The objectives of the "Little Dribblers Football Club" are to provide an environment where kids can participate, learn and enjoy football. During each 10 week season we will be helping them to learn some of the very basic rules and techniques of the game but the main thing is that the players enjoy themselves in a football environment and have the opportunity to develop at a pace they are comfortable with. The main things they will learn are - What is a team? What are the uniforms for? What are Shinpads? Why is there only one ball and how do I get it? What are the goals and lines for? Why does that man/lady keep blowing a whistle? What happens when I score a goal? What happens when the ball goes over the lines? “It’s Saturday/Sunday, I’m playing football today” and of course "Is football today"?

Expectations - The only expectation placed on all players and spectators attending is that they want to be there. Participation of any form in the game itself is a bonus but only if the player wishes to participate. Don't expect too much of your Little Dribbler and neither of you will be disappointed. During game time parents are encouraged to get on the field with their Little Dribblers but only if this is necessary to ease them into the game environment. Once they are dragging you about, it's time to let go and get off the field so that they can enjoy the extra space available without the parents. The best place to start is in the goal.

Coaches - There are no coaches at Little Dribblers. Games are managed by the referees who will recruit and manage teams at game time if necessary. 

Game Duration – The game will be played in approx 2 x 12 minute halves. (6/7 grade is 15 minute halves) At the end of each half there is a short break and teams turn round and play in the opposite direction.

Kick Off - The kick off is used to start the game and also to restart the game after a goal has been scored. The Kick Off takes place in the centre of the field at “half way” which is the line in the middle of the field.

Throw In – When the ball goes over the sideline a throw in is used to restart play. A throw in is NOT taken by the team that last touched the ball before it went over the sideline. The whole ball must be over the sideline for it to be out.

Goal Kick - When the ball goes over the goal line, which is the line that the goal is in the middle of, a goal kick is awarded to the defending team if the attacking team last touched the ball before it went over the goal line. The whole ball must be over the goal line for it to be out. A goal kick is taken from somewhere near the goal.

Corner Kick - When the ball goes over the goal line, which is the line that the goal is in the middle of, a corner kick is awarded to the attacking team if the defending team last touched the ball before it went over the goal line. The whole ball must be over the goal line for it to be out. A corner is taken from the corner of the field. (Corners will be introduced to the game at a later stage)

Goal – A goal is scored when the whole ball has crossed the line between the two goal posts and under the crossbar. After a goal is scored and the celebrations have ended, the game is restarted with a kick off.

Free Kick – A Free Kick is awarded when an infringement of the rules takes place. A Free Kick is taken from the spot that the infringement occurred and is awarded against the team that infringed.

Referees – Referees are provided at all venues but if not, thanks for volunteering to referee. Please ensure that you blow the whistle loud and tell the players what is happening. You are also here to help the players understand and know the rules. The referees job is to get the teams and game started, help the kids to get involved with or without the parents on the pitch and make sure everyone has the oppoertunity to participate and learn about the boundaries  and game basics.

Spectators – Thanks for coming and supporting. Please make sure you support everyone including the ref. Your behaviour will leave a lasting impression on players and other spectators and may affect your player’s attitude to sport in the future so be nice. Encouraging competitiveness is fine but we want the players to decide how competitive they want to be so they can learn without too much external pressure.

Practice – The best practice that you can give these players is one on one at home or at the park with a parent. During the season we can provide information that can be used to help you teach some basic techniques used in the game of football. Just ask.

What to bring to a game – a Player is the most important item when coming to Little Dribblers Football. Please ensure they have the best opportunity to participate fully by feeding them before the game. A drink is important before, during and after the game. Boots should fit comfortably and be safe to wear on and off the field, preferably a moulded sole boot. Shin Pads will be compulsory and these should also fit comfortably and are worn inside the sock. All necessary equipment is available at the park.


Registrations – It’s never too late to join so tell your friends and make a team!

Cancellations – Cancellations are determined on the day by 9:00 at the latest. Cancellation info is made available HERE on the website, by email and on FACEBOOK

Online Information – Information, Teams Lists, Ground and Fixtures can be found in this website.
For any other information you can call Tony Morrison on 0275 776781 or 0800KICKIT (0800542548)