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Best NZ Football Company - Tiny Stadium Project

Best NZ Football is seeking funding through Equity Investment, Loans, Partnerships at this concept stage to fully develop this global network of turnkey Tiny Football/Sports Facilities.

Community Sports, Education, Entertainment, and Accommodation Complex:

Dimensions: The entire facility covers an area of 60x70 metres.

Turnkey Operation: The Tiny Stadium Project provides the facility, the Football program/competition structure, software and systems to manage the facility. These concepts ensure consistent replication of the facilities throughout. 

Key Features:

Modular Buildings (12m x 3m): A series of modular buildings enclose the entire facility and provide amenities associated with elite level sports including education, equipment, tech gadgets, media and live streaming centre, cafe/bar, reception area, play/warmup areas for children/players, lecture rooms and coaching spaces. Other buildings provide retail spaces, storage, apartments and dormitories and other community amenities.

Floodlit 5-a-side Football Pitches (2 x 40x25): Two enclosed 5-a-side football pitches are floodlit with LED’s, allowing for evening play and training. Within these 2 pitches are 4 x Little Dribblers FC pitches (each 25m x 15m) allowing for up to 48 players aged from 1-7 to participate in the Little Dribblers Football Club program. This space is suitable for leagues, tournaments and casual matches as well as organised training sessions plus other community events such as concerts.

Enclosed Perimeter: The playing area is enclosed by a 6-metre-high fence, providing security for players and spectators, plus keeping the ball close for even more football.

Modular Buildings with Solar Panels: Each modular building features solar panels on its roof to harness renewable energy and contribute to the facility's sustainability.


Changing Rooms: Modern changing rooms equipped with lockers, showers, and other amenities cater to the needs of athletes, ensuring a comfortable transition between training and other activities.

Community Amenities:

Live Streaming and Broadcast:

Youth Development and Community Engagement: The facility remains a hub for youth sports development, fostering talent and promoting healthy living. Community events, tournaments, and friendly matches strengthen ties within the neighbourhood.

Sustainable and Inclusive: The integration of solar panels aligns with the facility's commitment to sustainability, contributing to reduced energy consumption.

lexible Configurations: The modular buildings can be easily rearranged or replaced to adapt to changing community preferences and requirements.

This comprehensive community sports, education, entertainment, and accommodation complex offers a holistic experience, combining sports training, leisure, accommodation, and community engagement. Its multi-purpose design ensures that it caters to various needs and enhances the well-being of community members.

Expanding this concept into a global network of stadiums would be an ambitious endeavour, but it would indeed revolutionise sports training, development, and competition. 

Here's how this idea might take shape:

Global Network of Sports and Entertainment Complexes:

Key Features:


Player Development and Academies:

Building a global network of sports and entertainment complexes would require international partnerships, significant investment, and careful planning. Collaboration with sports organisations, governments, and local communities would be crucial to the success of this vision. Such a network would undoubtedly revolutionise sports training, development, and the way international tournaments are organised, enriching the world of sports on a global scale.

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