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Wellington Sunday Football League

Showing Seasons Wellington Sunday Football League
Season Winter 2019

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Games are played at Wellington

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Start Date Setup

Begins Sunday 7th of April 2019 (73 days ago)

WSFL Division I
Spaces still available! (3 left).
Team: Lazy 11
Team: Lokomotiv Beer Quarter FC
Team: Valley FC Trust
Team: Sunday Blazers
Team: North Wellington
Team: Sudakas
Team: Tuskan Raiders
WSFL Division II
Spaces still available! (2 left).
Team: Ball Tamperers
Team: Steven Taylor and the Long Pins
Team: V-Well FC
Team: HHH Sprig & Fern
Team: Sugma FC
Team: Marauders FC
Team: Varsity FC
Team: Fireraiders FC
WSFL Division III
Spaces still available! (full).
Team: Edward Street Athletic
Team: Universe
Team: Unicorns
Team: Valley Vultures
Team: Blood Red
Team: Los Blazeros
Team: SVH
Team: Harimau Wellington
Team: Deportivo Blazers
Team: Habibis
WSFL Division IV
Spaces still available! (2 left).
Team: Westwood United
Team: Nadi/Terrace Football Club
Team: Sunday Cardigans
Team: Chipolo AS
Team: Porirua Club Battlers
Team: Intergalactic
Team: Unknown Soldiers
Team: Battlers FC
WSFL Division V
Spaces still available! (2 left).
Team: Mighty Chondria
Team: Wellington Chinese United
Team: The Salmon
Team: Thorndon Thistle
Team: Super Paddy's Fun Club
Team: Valley FC Soccer Friends
Team: Alcoholics Albion
Team: Trentham Utd