Little Dribblers

At SportZone we are committed to bring football to everyone, everywhere.

The Community After School Program's mission is to offer Accessible, Approachable, Inclusive, Affordable and Fun Football to give schools, communities and people every opportunity to play Football.

The program offers an easily accessible opportunity for young people that combines fundamental ball and specific team building skills. The emphasis is on fun, giving players the chance to develop social interaction and cooperation using Small Game formats and providing lots of opportunities for participants to be engaged throughout the sessions, to build their confidence towards a positive attitude!

The program consists of 8-10 weekly sessions in different venues around Wellington. Coaches are in charge of different groups and help the kids get into teams, so that they can play each other during the one hour the session. With plenty of games and fun during that time, the kids engage in all-round interaction with both their football skills and social interaction with coaches, team mates and opponents.

We want to increase participation in active sports around the communities, offer an affordable opportunity to young people and be part of a team sport, while having heaps of fun and learning healthy lifestyle choices.

The program is designed to cater for kids of a wide age range: 5 to 10. They will be put into teams accordingly so that they can get the most out of it.

It is available at these locations and times (each session lasting an hour starting at 3pm or 3:15pm):


The cost of the program is only $70 per term.
Kids get an hour of fun football each week up to 4pm
Sessions are cancelled if the weather or ground conditions are bad and parents are notified by email
Players need comfortable clothes and a drink/snack
Meet the coach on the field at 3pm or asap.

To register, please follow THIS link, and if you have any other queries, please don't hesitate in contacting us, we're more than happy to help.