Little Dribblers

Little Dribblers Football Boot Club

We would like to welcome you to the Boot Club!     First Rule of Boot Club - Talk about Boot Club!

For only $100 you’ll receive a brand new pair of exclusive Little Dribblers Football Boots, which, as you grow out of, you can swap up to bigger sizes.

The $100 payment enables you to choose 4 new pairs of boots or 1 new and 5 used pairs of boots. Your first pair of boots are always new.

This boot is engineered to give stability and comfort for your little sportsperson.

These sturdy boots are created with a solid sole and durable studs to allow the best grip on the surface and to aid balance whilst playing.

Suitable for artificial Turfs, hard and soft ground conditions.

We stock a wide range of childrens sizes all printed with the iconic Little Dribblers Football Club logo.

For sizes and measurements, and further information please see the form below.

Returned boots must be in a good condition. Boots are supplied one pair at a time.

Once your current pair is too small you send them back to be replaced.

This offer is available to anyone. Our Boots sell individually for $40/pair. Boots can be dropped off/collected at Little Dribblers sessions, Little Dribblers HQ in Petone by arrangement or sent via Post or Courier, please note postage fees may apply.

To order click on the link below.

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