City League - How to Join

How to Join

Everyone is welcome to join City League Junior Football at any time.

There are 2 ways to join

1) You are a Player and need to join a team. The cost for the season is $80. The cost for the team uniform is $60.
You'll get a coach, a weekly training session and a game on Matchday.
2) You are a Team and need to join the competition. The cost for a team is $375. You'll need a team kit (shirt, shorts and socks) and you'll need a team manager/contact.

Click any JOIN IT link then choose a venue in your area, choose a term, grade and team.
If you're new to City League you'll need to -

  1. create an ACCOUNT,
  2. then create a player or team
  3. from there you can choose the venue, grade and register for a team.

Players use the Players Register Here section
Teams use the Teams Register Here section

The Join It Link will give you information such as competition start dates, venues and show you team and grade lists page.