City League Junior Football Rules

City League Junior Football - Rules

Normal Football Rules Apply for Small Sided Games except as listed below. (Check Full Rules HERE)

Team Numbers

Games are 6 aside. Teams consist of 6 players maximum on the pitch at one time (including Goalkeeper) and a maximum of 3 Substitutions. (More players can be used if the opposing team is agreeable prior to the game kicking off)


A maximum of 3 substitutes per game can be used. Rolling Subs means that players can be used when required. Referees should be notified when a change is to be made and the substituted player/s must leave the field before the replacement takes the field.

Game Duration

Each Regular Season game consists of 2 halves of 20 minutes. Cup games may have a penalty shootout (Best of 5) if the game is tied at the end of normal time.

Throw Ins

Normal Throw in rules apply.

Ball Played Out by the Keeper

There are no restrictions for City League Goalkeepers.