Little Dribblers

Fees and Payments

Fees may vary from venue to venue but are generally from $70 per 10 week term plus an extra $50 for the team uniform. (Shirt, Shorts and Socks)

Under 2 Grade - First Term is FREE! (You will need a team uniform)

Payments can be made online or by cheque and should be paid immediately
Details are provided at the end of the registration process.

Refunds are available if, after 2-3 weeks attendance, the player/s doesn't want to be there. (NB: Fees only, uniforms are not refunded unfortunately)

Refunds are processed after week 4 of the term.

To apply for a refund do the following -

Send us an email with Little Dribbler's Refund in the subject.

Include this information.

  • Players Name
  • Invoice Number
  • Bank Account Number

An admin fee of $20 is deducted to recover some of the cost of processing the refund, cost of sessions attended and ordering the team uniform.