Twilight Football

How To Join

JOINING your TEAM is easy and takes about 3 minutes!

Firstly click HERE and go to our Registration Site.

If you are new to SportZone Football and need an account then 

  1. create an ACCOUNT,
  2. then create a team and/or player
  3. from there you can join any competition and choose the venue, grade that suits your team and register the team by CLICKING HERE 

If you already have an account then choose a venue that you want to play at.

For Twilight Football - Choose a grade and/or time that suits you and your team. Check the details and then confirm.
For Tournaments - Choose the Tournament and Division for your team.

An invoice will be emailed directly to you and you can choose to pay by online bank transfer or cheque.

You can join more than one league or venue. Once signed up you'll be emailed more information as the competition start date gets nearer.

If you need a team then JOINING YOURSELF is easy too. CLICK HERE

Any Cancellation information and urgent announcements can be found on our Facebook Page and your email inbox

RULES are simple and the game is fun, fast and furious.