Twilight Football

Rules - Quick Guide to 5 aside Football

Normal relevant soccer rules apply except as outlined below.

Before the game

Register team with Competition Controller. Please arrive before your team is scheduled to play. Teams not available to play within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time will be defaulted unless prior arrangements have been made.

Game Duration

Regular fixtures are 2 halves of 20 minutes.
Double header rounds are 2 halves of 15 minutes.
Junior Grades are 2 halves of 15 minutes.


There are 2 senior grades to choose from being Mixed and Open.
Mixed Grade is available for teams of mixed gender with a maximum of 3 males allowed on the field at a time.
Open Grade is for any teams that wish to compete.

Grading Rounds

At some venues we can have grading rounds. These are usually 3 x 12 minute games played consecutively. These usually take place over the first 2 weeks of a competition. Grades are determined by positions on the points table at the end of the grading rounds or teams can choose their preferred start time if the grade time is unsuitable.


Maximum of eight players per game, five on field. Mixed teams, maximum three male players on field at all times.


Rolling Subs. The substituted player must leave the field prior to the substitute coming on.

Goal Keepers

- May change when the goalkeeper is not in possession of the ball and the referee has been advised.
- May only handle the ball if the ball is:
- Inside the goalbox
- Last touched by an opposing player.
- Not intentionally passed back by a team member.(except with a header)
- Must restart the game within 6 seconds of receiving the ball

A free kick will be awarded at the place where the goalkeeper has infringed.

Ball Played out by the Keeper

When the ball is thrown, punted or dropped kicked by the goal keeper, the ball must make contact with a player or the ground before crossing the halfway line or a free kick is awarded at the halfway point where the ball crossed the line.

Scoring a Goal

A goal may be scored from anywhere on the field except when played out by the keeper as above and Ball out of Play rule. e.g a goal can be scored directly from - the Kickoff, a Corner, a Goalkick, any Free Kick and in general play.

Ball out of Play

The ball is out of play when the whole of the ball has crossed the line. Play is restarted with a goal kick or corner when the ball is out behind the goal or a kick in from the sideline. A goal can not be scored directly from the sideline kick in.

Play must be restarted within 6 seconds of the ball being available to restart play.


NO slide tackles, or tackles from behind where contact is made with a player.

Free Kicks

All free kicks are direct. Opposing players must be at least 3 metres from the ball.
Every 6th Free Kick awarded against the offending team will result in a penalty awarded to the opposition.


A Penalty is taken from the edge of the penalty area and on the referee's signal.
On the referee's signal to proceed the Goalkeeper must be positioned on the goal line. Once the penalty taker has begun to approach the ball the goalkeeper may move in any direction.

Violent Misconduct, Foul Language and Abuse

Any violent misconduct, foul language and abuse will not be tolerated within reason. We are playing at a public park and there are families and kids about. Any complaints will be dealt with by the administration or the referee at the time.

All serious misconduct that goes beyond the game will be the responsibility of the team organiser.

General Rules

For all restarts, opposing players must be 3 meters from the ball.
The ball may travel in any direction from the kick off.
Advantage will be played where possible.
Any player deemed by the referee unfit to play shall not be allowed to play.
There are NO offsides except from the kickoff.


Refs interpretations and decisions are final.



We recommend the use of Shinpads and Moulded Sole soccer boots.

Ground Rules

Please keep off the cricket blocks at all times!
No Screw In Studs!
Have Fun!

* - NOTE - Tournament formats and conditions can be changed at the discretion of the organisers, usually because of circumstances beyond our control. eg Weather, Ground Closures.